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Specials apply only to Tamarama and Sydney CBD locations.

Book in your appointment today by calling 1300 372 935 or buy online now at the Ageless Store

Tamarama Clinic (NEW!):
Shop 2, 1A Denham St, Bondi NSW 2026

Sydney CBD Clinic:

Suite 9, Level 8, 231 Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 March 2016 14:27
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Hair Regrow Competition Winners

Congratulations to our Hair Regrow competition winners: A Long, G Swift, A Sinclair, M Wahba, K Vella, J Woodward, C Borg, Y Zhang, D Khoury, M Alch

Want to learn about our hair regrow program?

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Truthful (if subjective) tales from the cutting edge of cosmetics...

By Dr Jeremy Cumpston, Ageless Clinics

"Cosmetic doctors and injectables are the best way to age with grace" ...Beauty Myth Número Uno...

I want to share with all you lovers of youth and 'natural beauty' some very important lessons I have learnt about how you can look your very best at any age.
Not everything I'll discuss will cost you your arms or lower limbs. To the contrary, most of the (unashamedly) subjective information I'll provide in the ensuing weeks will simply provide a basic education about ageing and how to best control the process with a modicum of grace. Natural beauty, ironically, can be maintained at very little cost... it is achieved by the provision of love, kindness and that truly rare commodity, time, spent on oneself. For no-one can turn back time and, let's face it, those that try too hard often end up looking like bloated, distorted and oddly frozen train wrecks destined to the realm of "weird and weirder".

Last Updated on Monday, 08 February 2016 15:55

Dr Jeremy Cumpston featured in Cosmo!

cosmo-15How Cosmo’s Beauty Director minimised her pigmentation, for REAL

She wishes she could give her younger self some age advice. I’m 33 years of age. And I swear I was 23 only six months ago; that’s how fast I feel like the last 10 years of my life have flown. AND, when I was 23 (and up until I was about 26) I would sun myself sans SPF for about 10-15 minutes, claiming I was getting a quick base tan...

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tamworth_both_small Tamworth Clinic opens at 3 Fitzroy Street

Dr Jeremy Cumpston and Kelly George have partnered to bring you AGELESS TAMWORTH. Our first full-time regional cosmetic clinic! Operating out of our beautiful premises at 3 Fitzroy Street, we now provide the convenience of scheduling appointments at times that suit you! Come after work, during your lunch hour or on your day off – no more waiting 6 weeks for the next session.

Read more about Ageless Tamworth.

pauline Pauline Hanson visits Dr. Jeremy Cumpston from Ageless Clinics for a mega makeover!

“Everyone was telling me to have a big party for my 60th...I didn’t want anything. But you know, I feel incredible. This couldn’t be more perfect.”

Sprawled out on a sunbed beside a pool, this is a side to Pauline Hanson you’ve never seen before… sexy, stylish and no longer a redhead. “I feel amazing,” she declares. “This is the best birthday present I could’ve asked for,” beams Pauline.

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Ageless Clinics Services

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Clear & Brilliant Laser

Palomar Artisan Laser



Veins & Rosacea Treatments

Scar & Stretch Mark Reduction

Facial Peels

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, Eyebrow Shaping

Our Team

At Ageless Clinics your treatments are performed by Dr Jeremy Cumpston and his team of Registered Nurses and Paramedical Therapists. Our highly skilled team are specifically trained in using the most advanced body and skin care technology.

Dr Cumpston has over 15 years' experience in preventative and aesthetic medicine and is a fully accredited injector of commercial fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Our Philosophy

At Ageless Clinics we strive to offer honest advice, educate our clients and specifically customise treatments, catering to what is best for you, as your health and wellbeing is what is most important.

Book your consultation today

The Macquarie Street Clinic in Sydney is our main clinic. Here our friendly team can assist you with any treatment enquiries, consultation appointments and information regarding Dr Cumpstons regional clinics. 


What's happening at Ageless Clinics

Introducing H2T skincare

H2T has been proudly created by Dr Cumpston and a specialised team of chemists and scientists to provide the very best in medical skincare. H2T incorporates the perfect balance of ingredients to accompany in-clinic treatments, prevent ageing and restore skin balance. 

Consisting of two specifically developed ranges, one for men and one for women, H2T skincare is exclusive for Ageless Clinics clients.